Purchase of scrap

stari papir

Purchase of waste
paper and nylon


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Our activities

Fields of our activities are recycling metal waste, trade of secondary raw materials, collection and disposal of non-hazardous waste. We buy, dispose and free transport all kinds of scrap metal, waste paper and nylon. We are professionally trained and staffed to perform very complex operations of dismantling business facilities. Through responsible business we contribute to protecting the environment and raising awareness of the need to preserve natural resources.

Proper waste management

Daily production and consumption generate a lot of waste that we largely can reused by recycling. This of course includes the metals. After consumption of goods that containing metal, we get the waste. But waste isn’t garbage. Through metal recycling, metal will be reused in the form of new products. Metal doesn’t lose its value completely, it retains its essential characteristics. How wouldn’t cause irreversible damage to the environment, waste must be properly managed.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection includes actions and measures aimed at preventing an environmental pollution. Contamination is primarily a result of various human activities. The problem of waste disposal is one of the major problems of modern society. Therefore, more attention is paid to recycling. Recycling is processing used materials into new products to prevent the loss of useful materials and preserve the environment.

Collection and recycling of scrap metal saves natural resources

Nature isn’t right place for car wrecks

By collecting and recycling paper and nylon we protect the environment

Proper disposal of waste prevents getting toxic compounds to nature

We offer professional services dismantling facilities

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