Environmental Protection

Environmental protection includes actions and measures aimed at preventing an environmental pollution. Contamination is primarily a result of various human activities. The problem of waste disposal is one of the major problems of modern society. Therefore, more attention is paid to recycling. Recycling is processing used materials into new products to prevent the loss of useful materials and to preserve the environment.

To gain a better picture of the importance of recycling metal for conservation of nature, in the following, we will indicate the benefits provided by the recycling process.

Metal Recycling

Metal recycling is a process of re-use of metals in the form of new products. It is a multi-beneficial process that significantly reduces the amount of solid waste, decreases emissions, saving a large amount of energy and natural resources, thus contributing to environmental protection. For recycling, it is needed considerably less energy than for producing new, primary metals. Some metals can be recycled several times without losing its properties.

The most common metals that are mentioned when it comes to recycling are aluminum and steel. Of course, there are iron, lead, copper, zinc and other.

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  • Energy savings provided by the recycling of certain types of metal

    Below, we give details of energy savings in recycling of individual metals in relation to the production of new metal:

    Recycling of aluminum saves 95% energy

    Recycling of iron and steel saves 74% energy

    Recycling of copper saves 85% energy

    Recycling of lead saves 65% energy

    Recycling of zinc saves 60% energy

  • Other positive sides of metal recycling

    Energy saving 75%

    Reducing emissions 86%

    Reducing water usage by 40%

    Reducing water pollution 76%

    These are really impressive data which should open everyone’s eyes and to raise awareness of the importance and need for recycling and proper waste management.

Using secondary raw materials reduces the use of natural resources

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